He told her, "if he went back to Drumheller he would have to

He told her, “if he went back to Drumheller he would have to

She told the committee that the governor told her not to mention his name or he would “take these pictures, and I’m going to put them everywhere I can.”The woman testified that she asked to be let down from her bindings and tried to leave when Greitens then took her into a “bear hug.” Greitens then took off his pants and coerced her into having oral sex, she told the committee.”I felt as though that would allow me to leave,” the woman’s testimony reads.She also testified that she met with Greitens again in May 2015,when she had consensual oral sex with him. When she met with him in June, the woman alleged, Greitens slapped her upon learning she had sex with her estranged husband.The slap did not leave a mark but “was just jarring. It wasn’t sweet and gentle; it was forceful,” the report states.Greitens and the woman allegedly ended the affair in October 2015, and she never saw him again, she testified.Although Greitens has admittedto having an extramarital affair, he denies the accusations of blackmail.The House report notes that the governor did not cooperate with its investigation, saying that “Greitens has declined to participate in this fact finding process at this time.

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