Prize: The winner of the Contest will win TWENTY THOUSAND

Prize: The winner of the Contest will win TWENTY THOUSAND

Dawn had broken by the time we were driving through tropical grasslands sparsely covered with trees. Occasional rises in the road allowed distant glimpses of the immensely broad but now reed choked and heavily polluted Magdalena, a disturbing example of the ecological damage caused by deforestation. Garca Mrquez, whose youthful journeys up and down the Magdalena marked his whole life, remembers the river when alligators still lay in the shallows and manatees gave out haunting song like cries when suckling their young.

Presently, we’re finding the first hints of surround sound Starburst colors! Beyond the door to my back porch, burgundy maple leaves lazily drift down to stones and earth below. In the soft and gentle September breeze, wind chimes sing their song. Change is in the air, signaling transition.

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